Image upload size limit


3072k, or something?

I’m just trying to upload photos from my phone, which I’ve done loads of times without any size limit warning, and suddenly I can’t? what’s going on? has @system gone rogue?


3 megabytes seems more than enough for a photograph tbf


seems like mine tend to be around 4mb at least.

never had any issues uploading before though, cows. has someone leaned on a button?


edit your photos and save as smaller jpegs, maaaaan. nobody needs to be uploading 4mb phone photos


He’s right, something has changed as I’m in the same boat. It’s not that 3MB is too small just that it’s definitely smaller than the average phone camera size. Possible @sean has put a limit in to save on server costs or maybe the package has changed.


What app are you using for this? Standard Google editing app doesn’t seem to do it in Android


i’m on a galaxy and you can do it within your phone’s camera app.


Ah right, Samsung apps are probably a bit better. They take up. More space :wink:


3072 is the limit on the forum. It doesn’t have any obvious signs of having a different value previously. Odd.


i’m sure you can set your phone to take lower quality photos anyway if you cba


Oddly not really that I can see.


Only way you seem to be able to on a Samsung is via email- gives you an option to reduce file size when you send.


I could do it on my old galaxy alpha. On my S7 you can turn HDR off and crpp in a bit and hope for the best.


Actually, HDRa has got turned on on my camera. I thought that just took a longer shot to get more light? It’s off again now so maybe that was what changed?


Found the picture sizes on the S7 but the smallest is 3.7mb and theyve totally removed the resize feature which seems bonkers. Hohum.


I haven’t had time to touch anything.

If it’s bigger than 3MB just upload it elsewhere and link to it.


Too busy in the studio with k-dot mirite