Imaginary Albums



This might be a bit stupid but whatever - a bit like the ideas for TV shows, post the sonic recipe for an album you wish existed. If by some chance someone knows of something similar, they can tell you!

Here are some I’ve imagined:

– Cathedral organ jams with jazz drummer
– sparse soundscapes with lonesome trumpet wailing


– Radiohead with drums
– Mark Mothersbaugh and Shirley Manson playing chess
– Radiohead with Flea on bass
– Nirvana’s third album. Don’t care what it sounds like, just wish Kert had made it. #ripkert


just buy The Wire magazine?


and all my dreams will come true?


Not that sparse, but quite spaced with a trumpet wailing…


Quite specific this, but Matt Berninger re-recording the vocals for Aqua’s Aquarium.


I remember Mart Stewart describing one of his albums as ‘Sleep riffs with booty bass’ or something. It didn’t quite deliver. I want that.


Oh yeah I bet there’s loads of albums in this category where the band hyped them as a certain thing and they came out much more normal


Fu Manchu recording an album with a load of horns for some stoner-trombone-rock.


I also want there to be more harp-based singer songwriter albums. Joanna is great of course but Milk Eyed Mender is the only stripped back one of hers. Harpists need to get out of bands where you can barely hear them and get that beast front and centre.


There’s loads of sparse soundscapes with lonesome trumpet. Investigate the work of Arve Henriksen, for instance


Plan B were terrible for this


thanks I will


to be more specific I was imagining something between an incredibly bleak western soundtrack and a much more stripped down Sketches of Spain sound


This album is a good starting point:

Another one to try is Nils Petter Molvaer


Serafina Steer