imagine a pinneapple

that’s red inside instead of yellow.

thought we needed some @jordan_229 and @barleysugar type threads on CMM.


Could it taste like a cross between pineapple and grapefruit? Like a Lilt in natural form?

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I would try that. More pineapple or more grapefruit?

I’m not a big fan of either. But a 50/50 blend of both: yes please.

The former for me, but with a distinct tang of delicious grapefruit. I bloody love Lilt, used to be my go-to drink soft drink.

Think @Flashinglight has nailed me today tbh.


What did I miss

under the sea?

this exists (disclaimer: not a mansplain)

flesh can be pinkish-yellow

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Possibly one more? I’ve forgotten.

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Hahahaha how did I not even clock these!!!

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I might try one

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