Imagine Bon Iver coming on stage in front of a sold out audience


Because that’s what you’ll have to do! Imagine!






Oh dear, I feel bad for people who’ll have spent a shitload on travel!


Really irrationally angry about the use of ‘its’ instead of ‘their’ or ‘his’ in that statement.


Their with great regret?

His with great regret?





Sounds intense to not offer up the possibility of rescheduled dates. Playing almost every festival come the summer too.

Or maybe they’ve just lost the key to the log cabin.




Do you think he didn’t have enough hits to do?


This is so terrible, I was really looking forward to Blackpool! It was going to be in the ballroom where they do Strictly!


think this might be true




Not to split hairs but if it makes you feel any better - Strictly’s at the Tower Ballroom, Bon Iver was meant to be at the Empress round the corner


*for (I think you meant)


Source? Or is it just a hunch

Booked trains accomodation to Edinburgh for this, but we’ll just turn it into a little jolly up north.



WAS IT? Well fuck that then, can’t even get the right ballroom the idiotic beardy yodeler.


The ‘1 stable’ requirement on the rider was proving problematic for most venues


could that be why he’s been sleeping in a abandon reply?