Imagine buying this for working from home

I’d fucking love it




Looks really cosy actually

Needs more LEDs

This is just your standard kids’ bunk bed with desk bit underneath packaged as a ‘gaming’ bed so they can charge more.

Just buy one of these and paint it black and red


Worry about my kids and video games as they get older. When I was a lad they were pretty good (SNES, Sega mega drive, amstrad stuff) but not amazing so was always playing sport and going out as well. Now look at them, and with this kind of setup! How can ‘outside’ compete!!?

  • Ok boomer!
  • Yes actually it is a worry!

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My childhood bed was a tall bed with a desk underneath and shelves etc, it was the best bed of my life, I have queen sized bed as a grown single adult now but would definitely swap it for a tall bed

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I think it’s a worry because it’s monetized now, with paid for streaming etc/game youtubers and they see that commodificatoon of gaming skills that we didn’t have, where it was just playing for pure fun. As long as the time is limited I reckon it’s okay, it can be so addictive and immersive now too with the added dimension of online communities, playing competitively online etc


Love to buy furniture with built in tripping hazards. No chance i wouldn’t be either falling over or banging my head at least twice a day on that.

If your ceiling is high enough get yourself a STORA

I had one from the age of about 16 and they are really great. (Much swearing putting the fucker up, of course.)

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It’s also something that I’ll just have to actively, painfully parent, which my parents didn’t have to do as after a while I would just be bored because it didn’t even look like the teenage mutant hero turtles and kept crashing. Nobody will get bored in the metaverse! Excited for the arguments!11!

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My experience is still that interacting live with other kids and doing shit outside is good.

I don’t think it’s really about computer games but it is about how shit the government is which results in a huge lack of investment in making outdoors seem nice and pleasant. I think without computer games you’ll still have the draw of TV anyway.

I was shit at sport and a bit weirdly anxious about going outside as a teen, but I got into going outside later on and all that. I’m a weird adult

Yeah, I feel kind of sad thinking that a nice way of chilling out is pushed on teens as a gross hustle - even if I suppose it can also be more social for them (though even that takes away from how I have come to really value gaming as a solitary introvert recharging activity)

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Would not feel safe about doing things on that bed. Probably not an issue for the gamer market.

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Can confirm the IKEA stora survives sex.




omg my godson would love this (is barleysugar my godson?)

I mean I wouldn’t swap it because ladders stress me out but I did love having one of these as a kid. Loved making forts in the space underneath.

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