Imagine Charles coming on stage to a sold out pro-Brexit audience


Charles taking over when the Queen carks it is… I’d not even thought about it until now but it’s going to be the worst isn’t it? He genuinely believes in monarchy interfering in politics, and then the Sun is going to run with GAWD SAVE OUR KING AS HE TELLS SNEERY MPS WHAT FOR.

We’re doomed.


Perfect moment for violent revolution :fist:


Yeah but it’ll be the wrong one. The tabloids will be thumping their jingoistic drum as our pro-soldiers, pro-preserving-old-architecture king gets championed as not a totally mad bastard. Snobs and Mobs back together again.


He likes sticking his beak in alright. Although for all of the clamour over the ‘Black Spider Memos’ in the end they turned out to be remarkably insubstantial. Perhaps even positive in some areas (seemed reasonably switched on with environmental matters etc.)

But yes he’ll not be a popular monarch, that much is true.


If anything i’m worried that he will be. We’ve gone misty eyed about being English, because we’re cunts, and he’s going to be the figurehead of that. Proper king, proper ears, proper intervening in parliamentary debate


Where we’re going, we don’t need tabloids.


god i love that film. I’m watching it again tonight


Yeah it’s a fair worry alright, for he has form. Definitely be worth scrutinising.


Even if he isn’t, they’ll all go mad for William when he becomes King anyway.


not our precious MPs


To be fair to Charles, he has been on the right side of climate change.

Also, maybe this makes me a cunt, but I think Poundbury looks quite good? (@marckee will tell me why that’s wrong now)




i would mind that less. Nothing suggests William is going to insert himself into the country’s politics


“diverse community”

[picture of old white rich people in their droves]


You could replace the Queen with the devil and I would be happy. I hate that miserable old fuck so much.


Yeah, I’m not sure how much diversity it’s really cultivating, though 35% affordable rents sounds like A Good Thing (not sure what I’m comparing it with), and the story makes clear it’s attracting a lot of younger people and families rather than becoming a retirement village. I imagine it’s 99% white, but that’s probably true for Dorset as a whole.


[quote=“hip_young_gunslinger, post:11, topic:8090, full:true”]
(@marckee will tell me why that’s wrong now)[/quote]

Or why you’re right but it’s so obvious he’s surprised you felt the need to state it.


Nasty thing to say about a fellow kraut


Really think they should phase out the monarchy. Like, when the queen dies, Charles becomes monarch (nominally head of state etc), but doesn’t become King - he’s still Prince Charles. And there are no more princes/princesses after the current lot, so tiny Prince George is still a prince, but his kids won’t be.

Same for all other hereditary titles. It’ll take a few generations, but they’ll fade away gracefully.

(I’m sure this has been thought of, but can’t find it online.)

That won’t do anything about huge amounts of concentrated wealth (e.g. Duke of Westminster), but at least symbolically, that’d go some way to creating a fair society lol


I do think calls to become a republic would be much more pertinent if our head of state was more of an interfering blowhard so yeah bring it on I suppose.