Imagine if a mate of yours asked you to read over their CV and on the personal statement it just said

“I’m more of a leg man than a breast man”


I’d probably advise them to get rid of that bit as it may not give the best impression of them.

I’d probably call them a clod for having a personal statement on their CV.

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Fine if they’re going for a specialist job in a chicken factory.

Isn’t that a thing? I have one on mine.


Not sure what you’d put there that you wouldn’t put in a cover letter.


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I have a personal statement on mine. It reads:

“You smell bad”

The kind of thing that you’d expect an Apprentice contestant to introduce themselves with.

“You’ve heard of Superman. Well I’m Superbusinessman!”

[Why have we never done a thread making these up?]

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Can’t remember what’s on it. Been in the same job for four years :man_shrugging: