Imagine if an alien race discovers Earth long after the human race has gone extinct

and the only record they have of human civilisation is the entire post history of

I think they would have a nice time.


how would they have the post history of DiS if no other record of human civilisation existed?

they find the still intact server or something idk, use your imagination brain

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Just accept the premise, it’ll be more fun that way


the server would be a record of human civilisation

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at least now the aliens will know that we were a pedantic bunch :wink:

as if the post history wouldn’t have already revealed that

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:alien: that balonz eh? funny guy
:space_invader: bit of a wrongun if you ask me


they will know where to find a good children’s book illustrator, if they can also time travel and that

why was everybody (at least 5 people) called eric? :thinking:

Maybe we are all aliens who discovered Earth after the dinosaurs shuffled off?

all right, Sting

Hi aliens!


нe ѕaιd gιve yoυr regardѕ тo мy мoтнer
нa нa нa нa


short lifespans presumably, generations of shitposting passed down

:alien: I can see why this idiot race wiped itself out, they just seemed to spend their days making fish puns

Do aliens have small genetalia?

  • Yes
  • Absolutely

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YES, fucking DONE YOU aliens, you cunts

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The catch is that whilst small, it’s everywhere, like skin.

Genital skin. Sensitive.

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they’ll just nuke the planet the minute they discover that Oasis scored higher than Queen