Imagine if The Hulk human guy was called

Eric Banner instead of Bruce and then Eric Bana who played him in that Hulk film (the first one, not the one made just a year later or something) would have had the exact same name* as the character he was playing?!

Would probably be the first time in cinema history or something where it wasn’t Smith or something.

Always think that when I see Eric Bana.

*except for different spelling

Imagine if Anne Hathaway played Anne Hathaway



Eric Bana could also play Bananaman, whose human/civilian name was Eric, and that’s basically the same kind of thing as what you’re suggesting I think.

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I had an Eric Bana Hulk film poster in my childhood bedroom, but have never seen the film

Always seemed like such a missed opportunity

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Lorraine Kelly plays ‘Lorraine Kelly’ 5 days a week.

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I would have loved to see Anna Karina in an Anna Karenina

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The undertaker made it to final casting to play david in six feet under. Shame

In the 70s TV show the Hulk was weirdly renamed David Banner because TV execs thought that the name Bruce had homosexual connotations.