Imagine if the sun had a smell

so on sunny days there’s a smell of burning in the air, and a hint of sulphur.

I imagined it but I imagined that it smelt of vomit

Wait for it… I meant the real Sun, not The Sun newspaper. Haha :slight_smile:.


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Bet it smells like shite.

The strength of the smell correlates with how hot it is. So then there’s fragrances called Sun and if you smell one in winter its like severe summer nostalgia.

There was something doing the rounds recently, might have come from a Reddit thread, but it was contributions from formerly deaf people who’d had cochlear implants, talking about things that surprised them once they were able to hear, and one of them said they’d always imagined the sun made a noise, like a constant, low-level roar in the background.


That’s interesting

Of course! It had been bugging me, I knew there was a song, well, some music, about the sun smelling, but couldn’t work out what it was.