Imagine if there was a giant mirror at the edge of every town

Thousands of feet high and wide, angled slightly down

Bruce Springsteen lyrics needed work.


So wherever you are whenever you look in that direction, a large portion of the sky is just a massive reflection

you measure stuff in feet?

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“Well they’ll meet 'neath that giant mirror
That gives this fair city a big reflection of the sky”

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What would the purpose of this mirror be exactly?

just to allow everyone some time for reflection. Its all the rage.

I remember going to laser quest when we were at school, and one boy who was taking it very seriously (he liked military things, possible psychopath) ran full speed into a mirror. Definitely in the top 5 moments of my life.

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Look at Mr Metric over here.

Reckon it’d be a massive pane to clean.


@barleysugar’s pitch to ABC for a new prime time drama was successful

This is how I picture @japes tbf