Imagine if you were on a flight and twenty minutes after you take off someone comes past your seat and says

“All tickets and passes please”


Genuine spit take

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I do get paranoid about this. Usually end up keeping my boarding pass until I’m packing for the return flight, realise I have no use for it and bin it.



get irked when they ask to see your ticket as you board (after they have already checked your ticket at the gate)

That would be highly unusual!

I imagine I would be a bit puzzled and would then comply. Am I to take it that you all have some weird compulsion to toss away travel documents at the earliest possible opportunity?

You might have walked the wrong way on the tarmac and gotten onto a different plane

Not the hypothetical you, I specifically mean japes


I’d take out my collection of used train, concert and miscellaneous other tickets from the last 10-15 years and sit them down for a little show and tell.


came here to post this :slight_smile:

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To stop people going on the wrong plane I guess

you can’t go anywhere else between the gate and the plane. you’re on a sealed walkway.

Not always.

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Infact id probably say only half the time. If it’s a sealed walkway then sure, it’s pointless

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and with that, i yield

I remember being on a plane for a school trip next to someone who got scared and I was like well if we all come to a firey death at least we won’t have to do any GCSEs
Didn’t help

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Did you come to a firey death?

Think they’re just directing you to your seat then, m8.

“oh god it’s this guy again. just let him wander up and down the plane until he finds his seat. it’s not even worth the hassle trying to help him”