Imagine if your work had an annual sports day like when you were at school

Just… imagine it.


I’m imagining it

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How is it making you feel?

don’t like it


would be better than a normal day but I’d be embarrassed by my poor physical condition

My little nephew has got his sports day soon and it was his birthday on Sunday. Rang him up and asked what he’d got and that and he said someone had got him a “sports day activity kit” and I said “what’s that then?” and he said “well at school they have a thing called sports day and you have to do races and things like that” like I was some sort of dickhead who didn’t know what sports day is. Did me like a kipper tbf.


We had sports day races a few weeks ago on a Friday afternoon. it was quite good and taking part was not compulsory.

I’m with you, but I quite like the absurdity of the idea of Dan from accounts getting hyper-competitive in the egg and spoon race and trying to hide his disappointment when he comes second to Mary in procurement.

Classic Dan from accounts


We used to do the plank challenge at work and someone was very surprised I was good at the plank and out lasted most of the men and 100% of the women.

(The real lol is on them though cause planking over 2 mins is a waste of a time)

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I feel like there would be more injuries than at a school sports day. I’m all for it.

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We DO!

Going to Belgium for a weekend in September and it’s all sports based and will involve competitions.

I’m not bothered about the winning or losing, it’s sabotaging other people’s efforts that motivates me.


i’d be expecting a medal

So there’s still time to hand in your notice.

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I don’t want to let The Warn down (I assume he’s involved somehow)

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Kinda had our own mini olympics during my night fill days at M&S but that was just pushing each other about on a wheely chair in the loading bay into a load of cardboard boxes and seeing who could lob out of date produce the furthest into the waste bin.


We had an office olympics back where I was working in 2012.

It wasn’t serious - eg things like crazy golf from the top floor to the bottom, and indoor javelin using paper straws etc.

It was alright.

Like the rest of life, there will be no medals for achievements.

Except for Mary from procurement, because that look on Dan from accounts’ face was fucking priceless.

think it would be fun if you segregated off all the competitive lads and made them compete amongst themselves

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Parent Races at school sports days are a minefield. You have your offspring watching and wanting you to win but you also have the risk of injury / humiliation. It is also obvious if a parent turns up in trainers that they are ultra competitive and ready for the challenge. Not cool