Imagine it’s the first day of school - introduce yourself to the class

This is a thread for lurkers as well as regulars to quickly say who you are.

  1. What did you do with your summer? Any fun projects or trips?

  2. Describe your music taste in a sentence. Plus recommend one album you’ve been loving recently.

  3. What name or alias do you prefer to go by and why?

I’ll start…

  1. I’ve spent most of my summer home alone in lockdown, meeting up with friends a few times a month, but mostly working (I manage 6 Music’s social media channels). Main project I’ve been working on is developing plans for Drowned in Sound’s 20th anniversary and keeping the site online. Only real trips I’ve done this summer was fo visit my folks in Dorset and a day trip to Southwold. Mostly been walking around Wanstead Flats, Olympic Park, and Hackney Marshes otherwise.

  2. I like everything with a glimmer of melancholy be that sad but euphoric electronica, bleak soundtracks, emo-pop or songwriters staring into the abyss. Current obsession is the second album from Gia Margret which she describes as “sleep rock” and it really reminds me of the Spotless Mind score

  1. ESA aka Evil Sean Adams because ______
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  1. Basically nothing. Managed to guide my children through this pandemic and might have helped a lot. But otherwise, nothing.

  2. A taste of music that will change your life, or ambient, electronic, and avant garde music.

  3. Sheeldz, because its a cool and radical way of spelling my real name

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Woahh hold on, didn’t realise these were on offer

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Hi everyone! I’m kermit.

Much like a lot of people, my summer was mainly spent inside the flat so no fun trips. Did finish a course I’d started so that’s good. Also making good headway with my challenge to myself to read more. Also done some self improvement which is great, feel quite level for once.

My music taste is eclectic but mainly 00s pop and rock. An album I’m loving at the moment is T-Swiz’s new one.

Call me what you like, really. Wormo is a fav though, makes me feel like a #LAD
Oh you can call me Alex if you want, what with it being my name.

  1. Looked after the kids as a parent/playmate/teacher. Enjoyed exploring the local countryside. Did a lot of DIY and decorating. My work is in the pharmceutical industry and some projects related to COVID, so been very busy with work as well

  2. Musical taste is very varied. Enjoy electronica, ambient, post-rock, hip hop. Don’t like The National

  3. Jon or Jonny. School nickname was Pubey (my hair looked like pubes)

What did you do with your summer? Any fun projects or trips?

A week in Cornwall, but otherwise work and childcare, childcare and work. Lockdown has stolen my social life as well as any time or inspiration for anything creative

Describe your music taste in a sentence. Plus recommend one album you’ve been loving recently.

One sentence couldn’t quite do it justice, but my music tastes were formed in the 90s (trip hop, brit pop, big beat), and have grown from there. I’m sure everyone thinks that the music when they were growing up was the best, but from my perspective that’s the last generation to be directly influenced by the pioneers of the 60s and 70s, which is where half of my new finds have come from as I seek out the origins / inspirations of the music I love.

That said, I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient and more pastoral music in lockdown, and I’d thoroughly recommend Jon Brooks’ How To Get To Spring,

What name or alias do you prefer to go by and why?

Rob. Because, well, it’s my name.

Still get september dread even though I left school ages ago :expressionless:

  1. I went out to the park a lot which was lovely, I went to the seaside near Portsmouth for a few days which was really good.

  2. Mostly listen to kpop and reckon my favourite non kpop artist right now is 6lack
    Listen to persona by bts

  3. :avocado:



Documented the view from my flat every day. May turn this into a short film.

If it’s on Upset The Rhythm, I’ll probably like it

Vintage Crop - Serve To Serve Again


No British person can pronounce my actual name correctly

  1. What did you do with your summer? Any fun projects or trips? I did some nice walks in the good weather. And I did some stuff in the garden.
  2. Describe your music taste in a sentence. Plus recommend one album you’ve been loving recently. Very eclectic. Probably leaning to stuff that’s slightly more heavy or experimental. Been listening to The Body a lot recently.
  3. What name or alias do you prefer to go by and why? I will answer to most things tbh
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This artist did too and it’s lovely (in case it inspires an idea)

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It was a one time thing. I like to keep people guessing.



Hello everyone.

Over the summer I put a lot of work into my existential dread and anxiousness, pretty much maxed out my stats there which is quite cool. I also did a lot of playing with my cats, which is nice, except when they claw me sometimes which is not so nice.

My music taste tends to go towards stuff with big grooves, big choruses, lots of instrumentation; like attention grabbing stuff I can sing along to. Recently I have been enjoying the new Taylor Swift album, she is my all time favourite recording artist.

My chosen moniker on here is Konichiwa_Bitches, in reference to the Robyn song of the same name, but with my own underscore added in for flavour. I will also take the excellent all-gender term of address “comrade”, which I like to use a lot. Also “Thane Of Gondor” because why not. “Miss Jackson” if you’re nasty. If you’re not nasty then feel free to choose another.


username / symbol match up



Hi I’m Flashinglight

My summer was spent at home trying not to collapse from dread and also try and keep the tiny person entertained and get them prepared for starting school. Our big summer project has been playing through Paper Mario: The Origami King, which R has been obsessed with.

My favourite music is that which is somehow both noisy and sleepy. One of the best examples of this which I have been listening to a lot recently is The Deep End by Saloli (basically classical-style piano pieces but played on beautifully textural synth)

You can call me Flashinglight, FL, Flashy, whatever really. I am NB and I prefer no pronouns where possible because I don’t really like any of them for me, thanks.


Built a little table to keep my record deck and amp on, started dabbling with making electronic music, and got the platinum trophy on Dark Souls. Had a brief family holiday in Wales, near Hay and the Brecon Beacons, where I bought several books, visited a location from a famous horror film, and found a severely decomposed sheep.

Jazz, metal, electronica, reggae, mostly just a load of banging and shouting with the occasional singer songwriter thrown in. And sometimes fiddles.

El Paste Inglés

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