Imagine Keanu Reeves



taking his inaugural trip on the London Underground system.


Never heard it called that before.




Where’s @xylo with that like, FFS :’(


This is way too BarleySugar_Numbers_229 for me


But it was by me so I thought you’d get a warm feeling on this one. Sorry man.


Ke-Spar-nu Reeves


This is an excellent thread, Theo. Don’t let anyone else tell you any different.

In fact, it’s so excellent, that you should probably just stay in here for the rest of the day, as we don’t want to dilute your creativity across the whole forum.


Remember when you made the exact same joke I was going to?


Several hours before you?


What are you expecting, an apology?


…walking on stage to a sold out audience?


I think he’s just scared I might make some bad jokes he’s planning to make.