Imagine liking the Dandy over the Beano

I’m trying, I really am but I just can’t


probably your best post ever

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Blinky was good. Beano wins though, Calamity James, Roger, Minnie, Numbskulls, Bash st kids, gbol.


Also probably worth noting Desperate Dan could kill the rest of them singlehandedly.

Even Walter would do Desperate Dan in, he’s a fraud

some latent homophobia in the walter character actually

Dandy was less violent, that’s why I preferred the Beano


My grandad used to buy me the Beano every week and it would be my Friday treat. Thanks for reminding me of that. Used to be devastated when he’d get me the Dandy instead because they’d run out of the Beano.


You’ll be having a go at Oor Wullie next.

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Beezer is next on my hitlist

I had a Whizzer and Chips annual when I was a kid, the gimmick was it was two comics in one and they didn’t like each other but had to share.

Basically the plot of seasons 2&3 of Lost.


My mum used to get massive bundles, like binbags full, from jumble sales for a pittance when i was young, it was always a mix of all them (Beano, Dandy, Beezer, Topper). Agree Beano edged it but Dandy wasn’t far off.

Looking back at the strips in the Dandy I’ve just seen the Jocks and the Geordies and realised that I (technically a jock) had no idea at the time that the Jocks were Scottish.

I remember, as a child, realising very early that the Dandy was clearly inferior to the Beano. It’s amazing that they co-existed for such a long time, with such a similar style but with one clearly being inferior.


My brother and I were bought them every week. I was arbitrarily ‘assigned’ The Dandy and life’s been downhill ever since.

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Was always so disappointed when my dad would buy me one of these instead of a music or playstation mag as a kid. Shite

my sister got the Beano so I had to get the Dandy and it was shit


Was a Beano kid. Got Nutty for a while ft Bananaman

Similar, although my mum used to focus on getting old annuals rather than comics (typically 10p a go at a jumble sale) - had a full shelf of them. Was dizzingly looking at some of the dates on them (1975? Surely no one was even alive back then!). Moved onto same approach for getting old 2000AD annuals when I got a bit older.

Although The Dandy was clearly inferior to the anarchy of The Beano, I was still a fanclub member of both. The badge you got with the Dandy one was quite good:

Although the furry Gnasher badge with googly eyes still edged it…



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I’ve got loads of the annuals too, aa a kid used to try get as many old ones. Thought they might be worth something some day, got some going back to the 60s. Just had a look and going for around a tenner. Waste

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