Imagine liking the Dandy over the Beano

We had loads of older cousins so used to inherit mountains of books and comics.

My favourites were Beano, and this weird little A5 army comic called Commando, which the internet says is still somehow going.

Reckon I had well over a thousand of each going back to the sixties, but the garage flooded and we had to chuck everything out.


For me the Beano would be a must get, the day it came out (Wednesday I believe, but I’d still make mum take me to the shop on Tuesday’s as well because sometimes they’d put it out early).

Then if my mum had to treat me to something, or keep me shut up for a bit, or if there was a giveaway on the front, I’d get a Dandy at some point. Reckon Dandy sales were mainly people who’d already gotten a copy of the Beano looking for their midweek fix essentially.

Obviously, I’d get the Beano and the Dandy annual at Christmas. I’m not a loser.

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I imagine that Commando is only bought by middle aged men in the TA.

Love that not a single person is sticking up for The Dandy


I inherited a whole bunch of these from somewhere. Good stuff :+1:

Science time…

  • Dandy
  • Beano
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It’s mad how much it’s changed even in the last ten years. It’s considerably more inclusive, Dennis is no longer a bully, and there are some bullies in the cartoons but they always end up worse off. Jimbo has picked up the odd old annual in second hand book shops, and I’m shocked at what they used to get away with


Remember distinctly that the Beano website was the first website I ever went on when we got our first dialup connection. It were shite.

Had about five or six crates full of Beanos/some Dandies under my bed by the time I gave them away, with one crate that I put my favourites into and is currently about ten layers deep in the storage space at my parents. I’d love to have a look and figure out what criteria I went with. I probably put the issue where Bea is born in there out of a sense that it might be valuable, lol. Or all the Beanotown Racing crossover issues.

I imagine a lot of it has aged horribly, I remember all the disturbingly drawn celebrity-of-the-month cameos and Britishisms I didn’t really understand at the time and probably understand less now. Pretty much sent me down the path of paying way too much for comics with children’s characters now as an adult, so I got them to thank/blame.

My first optician had Dandies in their office. That was my main exposure. Last time I picked up a Beano at a shop it was around 2017/2018 I think and all the references to Twitch streamers made me feel very old, which I guess was always the point.

I also have a facsimile reprint of the first Dandy annual

I read it last year while my parents house was getting work done and I got distracted looking at old books when I should have been tidying. As you can imagine it is very racist.

A kid down the road was Beano mad. Only issue I ever got was issue 3000 (c. year 2000) as my mum thought stashing it away, it would be worth loads - it’s actually worth less than it original publishing price, today!

Beano always reminds me of that Adrian Mole diary entry where he gives up on good deeds because he donates a load of his old comics to a family and the kid at the door is so ungrateful “I’ve read ‘em”.

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Dandy did have Bananaman going for it though


Yeah we had loads of those little Commando and War Picture Library comics from jumble sales, think there’s still some in the attic at my dads.

When I was 10 I had my photo in the Beano with a Dennis the Menace birthday cake my mum made me.

Good cake it was too.

So obviously, Beano 4 lyf.


Yer man’s absolutely faced there :open_mouth:

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 10.52.26


Dandy seemed a lot more old fashioned

Cuddles and dimples

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Getting a wham bar taped on the front was the true winner.


Beano>Dandy, obv, but my favourite strip of that kind was Faceache, which was in Buster.


Alan Moore to Write Introduction to Collection of Classic British Comic Strip 'Faceache'


I absolutely loved the Beano as a kid. No amount of attempts at getting into the Dandy ever did it for me.