Imagine starting driving lessons

acting all nervous and stuff on your first lesson, listening earnestly to the instructor and timidly putting your hands on the steering wheel as they tell you all the necessary information. Except actually, you can already drive, it’s a prank, you’ve had a license for 10 years, so you start bombing it around the place screeching around corners and parallel parking at high speed hahaha.


Think this is what will happen to my little bro, except the 10-year license bit. He turns 17 tomorrow/Monday (leap year baby). Can drive just fine, been racing a clapped out mini round our fields here for years, ditto tractors and go karts.

The instructor’d be like ‘yeah, you got me there, fair play’



Then you do it again with another instructor. Just paying everytime to do the same prank for no reason. End up getting blacklisted by all the driving instructors in the region.


Jokes on them though because you already have a licence! Suckers!

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Except they call their mates at the DVLA and get it revoked.

Big Driving wins again


so essentially the opposite of this

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