Imagine who might... (rolling) (maybe)

Drive this kind of car.

And then when done, be seen dead in this kind of car. Never mind openly leaping around like a baby deer!

I’d like to have that car

It’s just a car?

My mate drove me to Glasgow in a M4 like this one last week

Ridiculously fast

Instantly like people more if I see them getting in or out of a shit car

When you have to get a lift in a posh car it’s one of the most embarrassing things

Alas, you don’t have a man bun, undercut or (maybe) lackeys in baseball caps swooning upon you

our car is a banged up mess but i love it. kwik fit had to put a nappy on it once because it had the runs

Fred Durst

You’re right.

Prob an ill judged thread tbh.

The attitude of those within grated enormously.

is it you? is this your new car?

Maybe do a poo in it?

The M4 doesn’t go to Glasgow m8

The m8 does go to Glasgow m4

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I couldn’t ever bring myself to own a BMW. Too many badly driven ones to want to associate myself with them. I did have one of these three cars ago though:

I parked next to what you could call a shit car on a windy day once and when i opened the door the wind blew it out of my hand and into the door of the shit car, leaving a mark/small dent. I left a note and the person texted me saying “thanks for leaving a note about the dent, but my car is banged to shit anyway so it doesn’t matter!” I definitely liked them more!


I am the driver of a shit car, and an older gentleman reversed his Audi into it, quite hard, in a car park a while ago (I was still in it, having just finished parking). He got out and came over, and I was very worried about what he might be about to say, but he was extremely concerned about the car. I was just like, “Hey man, don’t sweat it, it’s got so many damn dents anyway you can’t even see it.” Love driving a shit car.