Imagine you're standing at the urinal

…and just as the flow starts, the nozzle on the urinal behind you breaks and (clean) water begins to spray everywhere.

Do you just finish your wee while getting soaked?

Do you clamp down on the fella and run for a cubicle?


This thread is inspired by the disturbing noises of plumbing in the urinals at work.

Turn around


What kind of spray are we talking here?

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I was thinking like a shower just you know making the area very wet. Basically my point is that in any other circumstance you would definite get the fuck out of there but right now you’re in mid-flow.

bright eyes
every now and then i fall apart

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Good thing no urinals act in such a way

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i would try to cancel the spray with my own spray

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I’m suggesting a huge plumbing malfunction, though.

Well I’ll be sure to bring it up at the next departmental meeting, then.

poor thread, theo


A phone that is not good submerged in water.
A shit suit
A shit shirt
A pass to get back into the office

Early lyrics for ‘Fitter, Happier’ needed work.

‘Wetter, drippier’

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