Being a golf FAN. I can’t, I just can’t.

Like playing it is one thing but being a fan?


All golf fans on courses (especially in the US) seem a particularly obnoxious brand of twat. On the TV, with cameras following and switching between all the groups, especially during the Ryder Cup, it’s brilliant

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Always the same kind of people that are into it. The type that will think more of a person if they’re wearing the correct, expensive brand, etc. Basically a bunch of Michael Owens.

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Guys lets not get nasty! Different people like different things. Come on.

But everyone that “follows” the ryder cup is a brexit twat or a psychopath.


That’s unfair, some are both!

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When I said in the OP that “playing is one thing” lets be clear, its a terrible tory thing.


shut up dave you big silly idiot

I’m a bit drunk… But in the morning Ill be sober and youll still be wearing a pringle sweater. Or something.

I feel that way about all sports.

All it is is just things moving and people running about.

Yeah maybe. I just find “supporting” golf really weird.

But what do I know? (LOADS)

I used to pretend to hate golf, but now i earn enough money to be able to play it.


I for one welcome our new manicured national parks
(anyone who has even thought about golf should be shot on sight obviously)

You know whats really golf? Donald Trump.

Reckon he’d be alright with ISIS if they started doing a bit of golf

Poor @anon50098204

It’s been said[1] that cycling is the new golf.

[1]by whom?*

*Alright, Wikipedia, calm down - cycling is the new golf at DuckDuckGo


think it’s one of the least technically interesting sports and most of the players seem pretty unlikeable.
can still be really good lazy weekend entertainment though

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I can putt up with it. But I wood not watch it all day.

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If we turned all the golf courses into housing (just the fairways and greens and bunkers and shit - we can keep the trees) it would probably solve world hunger and sexism.

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likewise if we melted down all the golf clubs we could make some decent weapons to get ISIS with.

Also all the really really shit golfing clothes might be useful for something.