IMHO (poll)



the H stands for

  • Honest
  • Humble

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To be quite fucking humble, I’m 100% correct here.


IMHO it could be either, IMHO.


This can also be the ‘petty arguments where you’re DEFINITELY right’ thread


DiS, sit down. It’s ‘humble’.


I get this reference.


why would it be humble?


because ‘in my humble opinion’ is a phrase


Has Shakira ever claimed that her breasts are small and honest? No. Case closed.


That’s her hips


fucking smashed it, there


Because it is?

You’re using ‘humble’ in a sort of snidey fuck-you sense of not ACTUALLY being humble because you’re convinced you’re right.

  1. an opinion isn’t a thing that can be humble
  2. people who post this aren’t being humble



I’m not really sure how it came to be an internet thing. I mean prior to that it’s the sort of thing MPs would say to each other in Parliament. I think it’s partly referencing a time when manners were massively important so you would couch any disagreement in a way that made it plain you weren’t intending offence.

(I was about to post the link @Epimer did actually)


Seeing this poll result I got that feeling of when you’re absolutely sure about an AQOS answer, yet somehow end up with a single. Flabbergasted.

When does anyone ever say “In my humble opinion” in real life? Also how smug is that?


Who the fuck ever said “In my honest opinion”, though? You’d just say “in my opinion” or “honestly, in my opinion…” - it’s not remotely normal use of English.

As clearly laid out above, use of Humble is a standard phrase. Can’t quite understand how someone Oxbridge educated like @hip_young_gunslinger can have got this wrong, to be honest (humble).


It’s pretty obvious that ‘in my honest opinion’ is a backronym made by people who weren’t sure what the H stood for and hadn’t heard the phrase ‘in my humble opinion’, whereas ‘in my humble opinion’ was the phrase which was originally made into the acronym

Well, at least that’s my two cents



Also because they think it’s the same H as in “tbh” because they’re a bit thick and also because they’re a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and their butt smells and they like to kiss their own butt.