Immediate Beaver Questions


They do fell a lot of trees.



a lot of trees


The UK has beavers!


I’ve been to Knapdale a few times. The wetlands created by the main dam are pretty spectacular - Unlike any other landscape in Britain. It feels like the setting for some Southern Gothic horror story. The lodge in the northern loch is pretty easy to spot too. Still not seen any fecking beavers, though…

There’s also some wild beavers on a private estate just north east of Perth, although you have to do a fair bit of exploring to find them.


This looks amazing. I’ll have to go at some point.


I’m doing some volunteering for GM council in the ecological records department. I would encourage everybody to make a proper record of any beaver sightings.

thank you.


Anyone else keep reading this thread title as “intimate beaver questions” and then remembering that it’s not Thursday?


Copyu > Beaver > Otter


Alright, David Byrne


Yeah, recommend Knapdale. I was fortunate enough to see beaver. (Also got ravaged by midges.) Until I went I was unaware that they are vegetarian. Kinda assumed they were fish noshers.