Immersed in a new world

Have you ever temporarily become immersed in a new world? List them here and rate them out of 10…

I have temporarily become immersed in the world of…

Evangelical Christianity 8/10
West London Saffa Community 6/10

You have to have left the new world for it to count!

Contemporary dance - 9/10
Performance art - 7/10

Unbelievable sights 7/10
Indescribable feeling 8/10
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky 6/10


FFS, I was going to make this pun.

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Don’t you dare close your eyes!


Texans. Simultaneously 10/10 and 1/10

There are actually relatively few things I’ve left behind entirely probably:

Christianity 7/10
Theatre 8/10

Is this a pun?

Oof. Poor @sadpunk.

Can I hear more about your experiences in the Born Again lifestyle, and why you like it so much?

It’s just very dramatic and kind of fun, it really invokes your imagination, like you’re living in a mythical world, like Westeros. Everything means something and the language is really powerful and people are generally really kind and caring.

And you get to talk about really deep, philosophical stuff and no one thinks you’re weird or boring

wealthy London squatting community


like homophobia?


Skyrim 10/10