Immersive theatre

A life changing, Damascene, experience?

The emperor’s new clothes?

I’ve been to a couple of punchdrunk things in the past, but this latest thing that lots of my mates are off to this weekend looks, frankly, appalling and batshit (especially for somebody who has phobias).
I am, of course, reeking with jealousy and fomo.

(Am also thinking that this could be the big get rich quick thingy for DiS- sean hires an abandoned biscuit factory somewhere no more than an hour from Kings Cross, flog tickets at £100 per head, have an overpriced bar outside the venue selling heavily lsd-spiked cocktails, line up the ‘guests’ and have them strip naked before being put into a pitch black wetroom and blasted with a freezing hose, dressed in old rattian sacks, before being shut in tiny carboard boxes, whereupon we play loud rave music into their earpieces and pumping the smell of rancid farts into each box. Then something something about cattle and maybe everybody gets force-fed some kind of smelly liquid that we pretend is cow urine until they choke and beg to get out.

What a sensory experience!

Nobody would dare complain that the emperor was, in fact, bollock naked and this was all just a pile of terrifying shite. Anyway, I digress…)

Anybody going to Barzakh this week?

literally my personal hell.

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Och, give it a chance!

really dislike theatre in general. have just got up and left during plays I´ve been dragged along to in the past.

my apologies anyway, I take it this thread is aimed at fans of immersive theatre.


Looks like a load of bollocks. Same as normal theatre.


Absolutely fuck that.

No way I’m going to Welwyn Garden City again.


Also stretch this to anything with an interval.

expected welwyn garden city to be really pretty and full of gardens.

how wrong I was. from what I could tell, it wasn´t close to being a city, and was more of an awful shopping complex.

It’s no Letchworth, that’s for sure.

Hatfield was worse, Stevenage a close second (ex gf used to live in Hitchin)

Hertfordshire is terrible.

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Hitchin is basically fine, I think. For Hertfordshire.

Stevenage reminds me of Airdrie.

hitchin is fine but they built the train station too far from town. really annoying to leave.

There’s quite an annoying junction just past the city centre in Hitchin, where the left lane takes you into a car park with no warning. Nearly caught me out on my driving test.

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Theatre is good. Haven’t been to any here cos i only just realised English surtitles are a thing, gonna go to loads now

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remember I used to annoy her by singing ´letchworth is a garden city´ to the tune of this


looks horrible but i’d do it if i didn’t have to pay. i need empathy

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Not sure about the immersive part. doesn’t sound relaxing

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bit of a banger this, tbh

also remember being on the tube somewhere, and one of my atd´s spotted the main guy from the maccabees, and said to him ´hi “Orlando”, with air quotes.

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I’m not sure I understand what this is, pratting about for 4 hours in silence whilst someone snots on you?

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