Immigration Poll

  • I like the current system (FoM for EU citizens, restrictions on others)
  • I support FoM for everyone regardless of country of origin
  • I’d prefer more restrictions (points or whatever) on everyone regardless of country of origin
  • Build a Wall, torpedo the ferries, shutter the airports, no one else gets in
  • Other (please expand)

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No masters, no leaders, no borders.

(Also this poll is for finding the hidden fascists, right?)



Passportless system for me, Clive.

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Other - dunno and happy to leave it to experts to decide.

Fuck off Mate?


I was reading Stefan Zweig’s autobiography, and when passports and border controls were brought in around WWI he and other people were absolutely up in arms at the imposition and the idea that it was bringing in police states.

They prefer to be called ‘shy tories’ I think

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the fucking liberals here, smh.

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FoM please.

Only really works if everyone’s in on it though.


Wonder how long before someone complains I called them lower than vermin.

That’s the problem, innit. So in theory, I’d say FoM for everyone, but in practice I’d say FoM within the EU where everyone has agreed to it and restrictions on other countries where it has not been agreed to.

Other: if I’m honest, it’s not something I’ve given enough thought to. I probably feel like I’ve spent enough energy trying to defend (to various Brexity associates) the existing position, without really considering whether FoM should be for everyone.

Am open to persuasion on the matter so if anyone’s got a good book/article they’d recommend then I’ll happily read it.

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tbh by ‘everyone’ I mean just those participating, and enough ‘attractive’ countries to make it viable. As is is a good start, but tbh in an ideal world all countries would have FoM - never going to get that from the US though (funny for a country built on immigration and the American Dream)

As long as we can keep like, Spain etc, so all the people that complain about FoM then head over there and set up shit bars and whatever and talk about how they left because of foreigners coming in without any sense of irony.

I really want to say FoM for everyone, but it’s just not realistic. I don’t agree with the anti-immigration view that the UK is full, but if we had FoM for the 8 billion people on the planet that could be potentially disastrous.

I’d prefer to have FoM for EU and then everyone outside treated to fair and equal immigration laws, regardless of which country they are from and with a very lax view to groups like students.


You really think we’re the only place wants to come though?

A) No.
B) I didn’t say that.

Other - I personally get to decide who comes in and also who has to leave.


Coming over here for that sweet sweet Hull City AFC action

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