Immortality Discussion Thread *interactive movie* please tag spoilers

Decided to keep it seperate from the gaming/xbox thread given the nature of the game and how it’ll likely pick up traction over time with word of mouth/becomes avaliable on Netflix

For those who don’t know Immortality is an interactive movie available on PC/Xbox/Gamepass and soon Smart Phones/Tablets via Netflix and it involves you going through footage of 3 'fictional Lost movies and behind the scene footage to deduce the fate of a missing actress. It does a lot of weird and strange things and is a massive mystery with a lot of talking points

Please spoiler tag everything you deem spoiler worthy so those who want to discuss more generally wont be spoiled.

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Oh so if it’s coming out from Netflix, does that mean it’ll be free?

LOVED Her Story

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Yeah i believe so. All netflix games are part of the subscription iirc

Only the 22nd? (Or thereabouts) game Edge has handed a 10 to

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I hate ambrosio (actor and film)

For those who have played a large chunk of it (6-7 hours)

How did you first discover the scrubbing backwards mechanic? I was just rewinding a scene and saw the silver woman briefly pop up, was so freaked out. So cool that they’ve got such a key mechanic that you’re just expected to organically discover.

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It’s got the best feeling of organic discovery I’ve encountered outside of The Outer Wilds

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Going to play some more of this tonight

I’ve done an hour or so and it’s very impressive, but I haven’t seen or found anything to do with the mystery yet.

It is a VERY slow burn

Reckon a lot of people will dislike it for that reason so yeah 1hr without seeing anything to do with the mystery? Probably standard especially as you need a lot of context to get anything from some of the clips

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Yeah I’m really enjoying just discovering the films and the rough timeline at the moment.

Ridiculous amount of work has gone in to this

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I found a lot of creepy stuff

It creeped me out

Really want to watch Minsky in the cinema


I adored this. Ultimately, a strange one-time experience, but that moment where it all clicks is easily one of the best in a game I’ve had in… years, I think. Maybe decades.

I have so much to say about the ending, but I found a great explanation on ResetEra that just blows the whole thing open, so please do not read unless you’ve played most of it, if not all of it and have a good understanding of the game.

General comments without spoilers: the acting was just unreal, forgetting that it was behind the scenes on fake movies all the time.
Minsky looks like an amazing movie, with so many moving parts i was hard to get to the bottom off.
The other two movies are… fine. Meh.


I fucking told ya, seriously, don’t click on this unless you want to RUIN the game, not just spoil it.

Here we go.

The One and The Other One are two immortal beings that have existed as long as humanity have and probably before. They are opposites, but they are intertwined. The One is drawn to Creation, The Other One is drawn to Destruction. The One has confidence in humanity and is sometimes able to convince The Other One to go along with her schemes to create stories to attempt to better humanity. I believe this is because The Other One is truly in love with The One, and that trumps his distaste and pessimism for the potential of humans.

One of the stories They created is the Jesus narrative. They thought this would be it, the one to finally put humanity on the path of bettering itself. Obviously it didn’t. This causes some disillusion for The One and she spends the next two millenia or so alternately wandering the earth and being “dead”. Apparently, the harsher the death, the longer They stay dead but They always come back, BUT The One says They don’t come back from being cremated. (How do they know this, I don’t know, but I THINK i remember there is one clip where The One hints that there once were more of Them than just these two, but now these two are all that remain.) This is important for later.

Fast forward to France during WWI, The One comes about Marissa dying in a barn and takes her form. She is reinvigorated by her beauty and youth, and spends the next few decades modeling and traveling in Europe, eventually reveling in this brand new art form, the Cinema. She can tell that the Cinema is something special, a completely new art form unlike any other, and being a lover of creation, she wants to take part of it. She tracks down Arthur Fischer, considered to be the best director at the time, and auditions to be in his movie. Unfortunately, Fischer’s career is on the decline and he’s no longer the artistic genius she thought he was, but no matter, she’s in the biz and she loves it. This first movie is AMBROSIO. While filming AMBROSIO, The Other One tracks The One down and assumes the form of the actor playing Satan. He’s mostly there just because he loves her and wants to be near her, but She’s pissed because She knows that He doesn’t approve of her philosophy of creation. However, The Other One lets her have this movie and it finishes without any problems.

The One (as Marissa) gets involved with the Director of Photography on AMBROSIO, John Durick, and follows him to New York to make Durick’s directorial debut. This movie is MINSKY. Filming starts of well, Marissa hits it off (way off) with the leading man of the movie, Carl Greenwood, and Durick digs it because he’s a hip artist and free love and whatever (it’s hinted he’s kind of a perv). However, The Other One tracks The One down in New York and His patience is starting to wear thin. He sees Durick as a hack, that this movie means nothing, and wants to get The One to give up on this new obsession with the movies up and just be with Him. She refuses. The Other One then kills Carl Greenwood and takes his form. This really pisses Her off and she “accidentally” kills fake-Carl via on-set accident with a loaded gun. Carl’s body is then cremated and The One thinks that means she is free from The Other One forever. This ends the production of MINSKY.

At some point during the production of MINSKY, The One reveals her true nature to John Durick. Durick is horrified and The One winds up killing him because of his reaction. Durick then disappears for the rest of the production and The One (as Marissa) tries to direct the rest of the movie herself. (There are a few scenes where the crew is like “should we go without John” and Marissa just says, “let’s just do it” and directs the scene herself.) It, obviously, goes to :heart::heart::heart::heart: with the aforementioned interference of The Other One.

The One then decides to retire Marissa and lives as John Durick for the next couple of decades, trying to make movies but each one turns out worse than the one before. Her enthusiasm and belief is running out, and being alive for so long means she is “running out of time”.

At some point, the actress Amy Archer watches the footage of Carl Greenwood dying. Through this footage, The Other One is able to live again as Amy. It turns out this new medium of Film is another way for The One and The Other One to transfer themselves into new bodies. They no longer have to destroy who they want to become. They can Create and live on through the movies.

This allows The Other One to see The One’s viewpoint of the importance of creation (and the power of film). The Other One (as Amy) tracks down The One and sees that The One is at the end of her lifespan. The Other One offers his help to The One to make one last movie, the movie that will explain everything, and will also give her the vehicle for true immortality. This movie is TWO OF EVERYTHING.

During the production of 2OE, The One is both John Durick and Marissa Marcel (this part confuses me, because this ability was never hinted at before but as far as I can tell, this is what is happening). The Other One is Amy Archer, who plays the role of Isabella Hessenberg in 2OE. The wear and tear of being two people while also having “lived” for so long without “dying” and “resting” is causing a huge toll on The One. She starts to literally fall apart, to the great concern of The Other One. Eventually, she is unable to finish the movie and agrees to die on film. The Other One burns her alive. Upon watching the footage of Marissa Marcel’s death, we (the viewer) become The One and The One becomes us. She has achieved true immortality.


I’ve just started playing this - an hour or two in and just met the other two - but don’t really want to read anything more until I’ve finished it, so this post is basically so this thread gets added to my activity and I remember to come back when I’m done.


Thank you! I thought I was pretty much done but read the first line of your spoilered bit and realised I had lots still to see!

I’d missed what happens to marissa and the precredits ending!

Spoiler below is only on mechanics, not story. Read if you think you might be finished and don’t know where to go next.

I’d recommend going through this guide and making sure you’ve got as many clips as possible. I found that by the latter bit of the game, finding new clips was just getting random and not fun, so following through this and discovering the clips you’d missed is brilliant. I really don’t think it detracts, the mechanics are great, but eventually just become trial and error. So yeah, here’s the guide, I’ve gotten a LOT more from the game now as I’ve been able to piece more together.

Just finished it properly, fully getting it (I think)

What an incredible game. Like nothing else I’ve ever played, can’t recommend it highly enough


So I’ve finished it, inasmuch as I’ve seen the final scene and the credits, but I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a bunch. I generally loved it but, because of the essentially random (I assume not fully random) route you can take through it, I feel like there’s some bits that would make a lot more sense if I’d spent more time exploring. Of course, I can go back and look for more but as it’s really a one-and-done experience I’m not sure I want to.


The way I was meant to, I suspect - I heard a weird noise and the controller started vibrating so I scrolled back to see what in the scene had caused it. Was about an hour in by that point, I guess?

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Ah see I noticed the vibration but didn’t know what to do with it for ages, think I was probably two or three hours in before I found that mechanic :sweat_smile:

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I’d definitely recommend going back through with a guide and collecting most if not all of the scenes. I guess it’s a lot less random at that point, but I treated it as a way to be able to fully decipher both the plot of the movies (Minsky especially) and to be able to completely put together the real timeline. I got a LOT from doing it - there was no way I was collecting all the scenes myself, but this way I didn’t miss any story.

I think once you hit the end credits, there should be a “unlock all scenes” button, would definitely improve the only negative I had with the last bit of the game

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Oh, also: I thought the use of the ANOHNI cover of Candy Says was absolutely incredible and one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen in a video game


Just finished this. Fuck! So great!