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Anyone know why when I shared/saved an imovie the project has saved as something completely different, like bits I’ve deleted and other bits - maybe the original files rather than the new film.

Someone help out an imovie idiot.

Has perhaps saved the two seperate clips up top of the screen, not the one in the timeline.

Hey that looks like you!

Sorry I don’t know what any of the words you typed mean.

Good luck though. :+1:

Me neither :woman_shrugging:

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how are you saving them? are you trying to export something you’ve done?

i’d presume you’ve either got the wrong bit highlighted when you save/share or you maybe need to set in and out points on your timeline before you do it?

haven’t used imovie in like a decade though so just guessing

Hi Scout, I think I saw you doing a tour around Manchester back in January (on a Sunday afternoon by the Tib Street car-park), and thought it looked really interesting, but I was with friends and felt awkward, cos I always feel awkward about any social situation whatsoever.

edit: I’m sorry I feel bad for posting this now, as you actually need some practical useful help - hopefully somebody can do so.


This is what I’d presume too. I highlighted the whole timeline, then you can’t save as such just share (bullshit).

Me too! I only started doing tours to get over my crippling social anxiety (did not work)

Can you save as a particular file type? I am the worst person to be in this thread, I’m so sorry.

Anyway guys, it’s now saved the right thing, so thank you for being with me at this trying time.


:smiley: but at least you get to do tours*

*not at present

is everyone a video editor now or what ffs



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