IMPORTANT: A message from Sean


he’s said can everyone stop changing avatars all the time coz it’s annoying and you can’t tell who’s who and @DiScourse bloke is mad about the server space or something.

I have to agree with him.



Avatar police is it?


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Not really cool posting autoplay videos to be honest mate.

  • Theo


UNLESS it’s that specific one (although the ads ruin it)


You’ll be glad to know this is the last time I remember bart being in a wig other than at the knoxville sunsphere or dressed up as cher


Recognisable variations on a theme are fine.

  • Sean


someone tell James Cameron



This is an excellent joke.


Couldn’t agree more


Think this is from Lemon of Troy?


Been meaning to change mine, thanks for the reminder


FYI do not google image search Bart Simpson wig. This will haunt my nightmares forever.


Well weve seen it now!


Might make it my new avatar.





Adams or Spicer?


Now if you’ll excuse me, all this talk has made me hungry