Important aftershave question - poll



I don’t really tend to wear any aftershave. I have a couple of bottles and I might splash some on for a special occasion - but I never wear it day to day. Previous partners have never seemed that bothered about it

This came up yesterday at work - and a woman I work with said that all women like a man who smells nice (of aftershave) all the time and was super skeptical when I suggested that not all women feel this way.

So what do we think? Think I’m going to do 3x polls. One for what you do (if you are a man). And another for your preference concerning what men do if you enjoy having relations with men.

If people want to be polled/ discuss a similar topic regarding women and perfume we should do another thread cos otherwise this is going to get very complicated

Chat encouraged

  • I am a man who likes to wear aftershave every day
  • I am a man who only wears it for special occasions
  • I am a man who never wears smelly aftershave

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  • I find men attractive and generally find them more attractive if they wear aftershave all the time
  • I find men attractive and would prefer that they only wear aftershave for special occasions
  • I find men attractive and would prefer that they do not wear aftershave

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don’t know why I said I was going to do 3x polls. There are 2 polls


I would like to wear a tiny bit of aftershave every day, but I haven’t bothered replacing the last lot since it ran out a good six months ago.


Not too much though, that’s the only sin


Aftershave is no better than Lynx or something, repellent


No splash, no gash.


My gf’s Mum got me a Hugo Boss gift set for xmas, I can’t imagine a time where I wouldn’t feel absolutely absurd putting any of it on.


I just like people to smell clean really, if they do wear aftershave then just a wee bit please. I quite often walk past men reeking of manfume and ugh, too much! TOO MUCH.


very very lightly use it for special occasions, because I am a man of success.


No Davidoff Cool Water, keep your dick away from my daughter


You’ve been sitting on that since xylo’s beeve-o-rama the other day haven’t you.


Are we lumping in Cologne and EDT into ‘aftershave’ for the purposes of these polls?


I missed out on most of that one. Never got to see why it was locked and restarted. Too many posts to bother checking it all out.


Here he is!


yes we are. Thanks for checking


It’s an important clarification to request.

I’m sure that the forum’s connoisseurs, like @xylo, @elthamsmateowen and @bugduv, would be in agreement with me on this.


I absolutely cannot stand aftershave.
My dad used to spray so much on and then we’d get in the car with him and I’d get a migraine and/or travel sickness so it’s put me off.
A guy at work yesterday had sprayed a lot on and I could smell it all day. I’ve had a headache ever since and I can’t shake it.

I like a man to just smell of him. I only really wear perfume on occasions but don’t have anything too strong (my preference is Jo Malone).


Yeah, I don’t wear aftershave everyday, but a quick spray of EDT, yes.


I certainly am, so ‘nerrr’ to @Jeremys_Iron


Honestly though - what’s the difference between aftershave/ EDT and Cologne. There is none is there, it’s just marketing?