Important aftershave question - poll

Lying prick.

Aftershave is for 14 year olds who haven’t figured out all of them smell fucking rank yet


I was going to try and do a perfume poll too - but it was all getting too complicated.

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I have an Amani Code Ultimate spray thing. It’s almost empty so I don’t wear it much but normally I’ll spray a bit on my chest in the morning. I think it’s basically gone by about 10 am.

It can be useful in those rare circumstances where a truly HONKING individual crams into your morning tube commute carriage and you can sort of stuff your nose down into the collar of your shirt.

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Well thanks for the responses so far everyone

This feels like sweet, sweet vindication for me. I will not be sharing the results with the woman in question though as she would look at me like Iam an insane person.

Complete opposite:

well I for one, am disappointed

hey hang on. are the polls different? has it always shown up the option you picked as blue?

Well I for one have no idea which actual product it is that I was gifted.

Well I never.

Seems to be a recent feature. I guess the plugin updated.

Not a fan of aftershave. My dad used to spray loads of it on (probably to compensate for the fact that he had really bad BO), so now it just reminds me of him and his whore’s baths.

I’m like you and just wear perfume for special occasions.

For the record, IDGAF what the differences are and wear a small spray of aftershave every morning before I leave the gaff.

My favourite EDT is anything by DJ Bobo


Electronic Dance Tunes innit.

Too slow, shitface

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This is funnier than it has any right to be

Shower at least every other day and whack a bit of light deodorant on (stuff that doesn’t smell of teenage boy) and that’s all that’s needed surely?

Always thought my effort should go into smelling as little as possible rather than smelling really good?

That and every bloke I’ve met who takes pride in their aftershave has always seemed like a proper berk.

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I’ve already answered the question but I want put it in writing: never wear it