Important F.R.I.E.N.D.S questions


So as we may or may not know Netflix bought the rights to show some F.R.I.E.N.D.S because it’s still very popular for bare ducats ££££

What is the core demographic of F.R.I.E.N.D.S viewers at this point in 2017?
Who is watching it?

  • Misty eyed nostalgists
  • Young hip Millennial/Generation Z’ers
  • Just good comedy fans
  • Idiots
  • All of the above

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I have another question that can wait


Misty eyed nostalgist idiots and Jason Casablancas from the strokes


What if we’re behind the curve


Just people trying to retreat into the warmth of the televisual womb.


could I BE any my sandwich!


Buying into the storyline is quite sad isn’t it, just some hyper privileged outcasts giving up on their dreams and marrying each others siblings.


Reckon it would have been funnier if the friends had different names

Rick Geller


It’s like if IASIP didn’t realise the characters were arseholes


The plot Thomas Hardy planned for Jude The Obscure.


Just read the synopsis for Joey on wikipedia and it’s completely done me:

The series roughly picks up where Friends left off, with Joey at the beginning of the show making a move from New York to Los Angeles to proceed with his acting career. He is constantly talking about food or eating sandwiches or pizza.


I just did one of those ‘Which Friends Character Are YOU’ tests online.

I got Phoebe!!


Joey Totti


Jesus who wrote this shite

Episode 9: Joey tries to plan the perfect week for Donna, so she will choose him over her husband, who is attempting to reconcile with her. Alex discovers that she can get free stuff because she is a “hot girl”.

fucking hell


i mean you just fully sold it to me with the last sentence


Did not realise FRIENDS was an acronym :exploding_head:


always liked it when chandler would open the door and comically slide into the room. didn’t really like ross’s stand up intersections.

great show.


it sort of now feels like a ‘new american dream’ kind of vibe, before nihilism/sarcasm was trendy (chandler was the outlier as a counterpoint to everyone else).

that said, Ross’s last couple seasons were a highpoint in white male unhinged surrealism


It’s the first letter of each of the main characters’ names




Well that’s a theory too, that unrestrained narcissism repackaged as sort high flying neoliberal self care connects better with the yoof than it did with the core audience of the time. What fun!