Important Friday questions

Gotta be a track & field place where the everyman can go and try a bunch of silly athletic events? Can’t live with the idea of never doing a long jump again

Assuming they are of equal quality

  • Mini brownie bites
  • Mini cornflake nests
  • Mini millionaire shortbread

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I mainly only drink water, so would have little use for one…

Unless I was a '90s adventure game character… which is kind of my dream profession


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big fan of getting those brownies

heating em up in the microwave

bunging em with some vanilla ice cream

good heavens

Just you wait for barefoot athletics to become a thing in London this summer.

All of the tory papers will be full of articles about snowflake millenials and the rise in javelin/ shot/ hammer-foot injuries.


Ever seen someone do ventriloquism?

  • Yes
  • No

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Have you changed your personal PIN number from the default one?

  • Yes
  • No

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Have you taught yourself to tie your laces the more efficient way?

  • I am genius
  • I don’t have time to relearn a skill I’ve had since childhood ffs

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I wear velcro shoes now, saves loads of time.

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with these?

I was really bored one summer holiday okay?

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What a delightful website.




Yes, but only because the way I learnt as a child was ridiculous and only just about kept my laces tied.

i can do it but it’s kinda difficult to get it tight

NOTE: You do not have to follow my instructions to the letter. So long as you retain the “core” of the technique, you are welcome to use whatever finger movements are most comfortable for you.