Important fridge freezer question

So the fridge of my fridge freezer is broken and getting a new one tmrw. Getting the old one picked up and taken to live on a farm or something tmrw.

On the website it says that for collection, the fridge freezer needs to be defrosted etc but this is frost free so can I just unplug it just before they come, or do even frost free need some sort of defrosting before or water goes everywhere?
Don’t really want to ruin all the food in the freezer, but also don’t want my broken fridge freezer left here as it isn’t ‘properly defrosted’ or something

  • Just turn it off and take stuff out just before they come
  • Turn it off and empty way before
  • Sweet Jesus I didn’t just read all that

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They sure are cold.

My fridge is 20 degrees centigrade!!

We are getting a new freezer tomorrow! What are the chances??

So we are whacking ice blocks in tonight then when they text with the time whacking frozen stuff in the cool.boxes and turning it off.

Shouldn’t need to defrost it…

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If you’re it’s full of ice in the freezer it needs defrosting

If it just looks like a compartment then all is good

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We had a new one yesterday.

Didn’t bother with the recycle option because of the whole needing to defrost it, etc. Have now chucked the old one on the drive and will get a tatter to fly tip it somewhere*.

*Pay the council 30 bones to get rid.

We have a scrap metal guy, literally shouting 'old iron ’ as he drives up and down every week.

Of course AO (let’s go!) are taking it regardless


How big is your new one?

Think it said it can do 18 bags of shopping. Which costs £700 so we will never have that in there


On my second pint and now tackling the dishwasher #pray4safari