Important Pizza Hut News

Do you think he insisted they use that picture of him

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I think he’s probably an idiot. And this (local to me) news site is a complete shower of shit on a daily basis. But I can’t help but look, every day…


The follow-up is even better:

Shake squeeze and squirt?

“No one would say anything in real life, it’s all keyboard warriors”

yep, pretty much mate.

The uncensored prank bottle labels (cw):


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This new subset of regional website journalism that’s essentially just absolute nonsense is sort of fascinating, isn’t it?


“That looks suspiciously like your handwriting sir.”
“how dare you i don’t even own a pen get out”
“Ok we’ll just need you to sign this release for the story”
“no problem i’ll go get my pen”



i certainly clicked on it

Why on earth Wales Online picked it up I don’t know. We have plenty of our own batshit crazy non stories of our own thank you very much.

Reach share memeable/clickbaity stories across their various outlets so you get stuff from out of area all the time

This guy…
  • Is genuinely God-fearingly concerned about these sauce names
  • Staged this for the laughs of a social media backlash and a million “snowflake” emojis
  • Staged this for some influencer/branding type campaign (himself)
  • Staged this for some influencer/branding type campaign (actual Pizza Hut)
  • Some kind of sinister Tory psyop

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This fits nicely into the niche category of people contacting local newspapers to grass themselves up.


Stayed it because he’s a bored weirdo, not sure what category that fits into

It’s fine, it could always be worse, I almost made a joke on the psyop option about the “deep pan state”