Important poll: fireflies

Ever seen them in real life?

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  • No
  • Not a thing

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The band The Postal Service could have been


Sighting anecdotes: allowed

Glow worms but not fireflies

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Lived in the US for a while when I was a teenager and saw a lot of them


Been collecting them in jars so i don’t need the lights on to fight the cozzie livs


I saw some in Grasse in the south of France when i was away with my first boyfriend and his massively middle class family in some huge villa. They were magical but i can’t disassociate them as some rich person perk. No overhead lights please, just candles and fireflies for our dinner parties.

never seen any, but I was blown away when I read Hubert Spellerman’s Fireflies In Connecticut, if that counts.


It was reading about them just now in Things We Lost in the Fire that inspired this thread.

Literary anecdotes: allowed.

Fireflies is an anagram of Fire Files…have a ponder on that

Fire files when you’re having fun


Wasnt there a Starsailor song called Firefly?

I’ve seen both American Music Club and Mark Eitzel (solo) play the AMC song “Firefly”.


Hmm no not them. It was a band an ex liked. Maybe from yorkshire. Maybe america. Google doesnt know. Around 2007 but might be older.

This is a good song called Fireflies

I saw some by a lagoon in Tulum. Hadn’t considered they were real until then, tbh

Blimey, all that Zelda playthrough and it didn’t inspire any thoughts about them?

Also now you’ve mentioned the south of France I actually wonder if I did see them once there when I was 11

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Saw some in Italy when we stayed on the Amalfi coast. It was like being in a fairytale

Is there room in this thread for bioluminescence chat here too? Cos I saw that when I was on holiday on a Greek islands about ten years ago, and that’s really mind blowing

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Saw a lovely display of them when I went to Panama a few years back. The nights there were really dark, so they stood out vividly even from a distance. My travelling companion had one of them smack right into her face - probably having lured it in with the lit end of her cigarette.


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