Important poll

Greek Yoghurt Water

  • Stir it in
  • Drink it
  • Pour it away
  • Mysterious other option
  • Not on Greek Yoghurt book

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does freak me out tho

like the fancy-PB oil layer


If this poll was that important it would be public imo.

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I knew I’d fuck it. Last time I attempt a lighthearted lunch time thread.

Obviously stir it in. Weird to do anything else

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never give up GIF

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Bemused as to why anyone would pour it away. I mean it’s already been in contact with the bit you’re pouring it away from so what are they trying to achieve?


Thicker texture?

Here’s a proper anonymous poll for ya

Greek Yoghurt Water
  • Fuck it (as in sex with it)
  • Don’t fuck it (as in no sex with it)

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In other words…

  • No whey
  • Yes whey

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