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Only in the Midlands! :rofl:


a great place to be

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My local Aldi is 100% self service tills.

The supermarkets want to get as many people through as fast as possible and using the fewest staff.

The problem is that they’re shit at it.

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No limits because that’s how I live my life


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Don’t use self service checkouts unless i absolutely have to and will get roundly mocked by my kids for this but i find them horribly anxiety inducing. While I’m queuing for them I’m Imagining i can’t get something to scan and i keep trying it and everyone is looking at me and then I’ve broken the whole thing or it disagrees with the weight and I’ve put something in the wrong place and ARRGGHH no no no no. Not for me.

I always manage to fuck up when using them but still invariably prefer them to standing there while someone else scans everything for me

Saw someone trying to buy a very large TV using a self checkout the other day

They faffed around for ages trying to get it to work, before just going to a regular checkout.

Hark at you with your supermarket operating a non-scab till. For the rest of us this idea if an item limit is crazy.

Also, I’m fucking great at checking out at those things

I have some #opinions for this thread, but can’t be arsed, so there.


I love it when you flex, Theo :heart_eyes:

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I don’t have any of that personally, I’m just one of those people who likes to have human interactions with shop folk and also doesn’t want all jobs being replaced by machines

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