Important: Users Real Names Being Revealed On These Boards

So I noticed that at some point something happened where some users have had their email address added as their real-name to their profiles if they didn’t have a name specified, or something like that.

I won’t give an example, because I don’t think that user wants their real name revealed, but I can see it on at least two who I will PM about it.

Worth checking your profile to ensure this hasn’t happened to you.

Anyone know the real cause of this? I’m just speculating.

@sean @1101010 do you know if this is something that was consciously done, or is it a bug with discourse?

Name is still an optional field in your profile.

I’ve been messaging individual users about this, and now it’s told me that I can’t start any new topics as I’ve started too many.

I’ve been scrolling down this list to see if there are any obvious ones, since the real name field is displayed next to the post:

Users this may apply to that I can’t message directly

All ones I’ve found sorted now


Maybe it’s this?

Thanks for the heads up, the email I’ve used doesn’t have my name in it but I’ve got rid of it from the ‘real name’ section anyway.

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Cheers! Didn’t notice, and it’s probably not a great concern for me, what with having such a boring and common name, but I’ve changed it anyway

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Thanks for the heads-up. When I go to view my own profile it has me as ‘Pieter’ which is fine as that’s my Dis-pseudonym. Doesn’t seem to have my real name or my email address, but if anyone else can see those please let me know asap!

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Yeah, it was the Pieter bit, in which case you’re fine, just wanted to make sure!

Ah few. No worries then! I write as ‘Pieter J MacMillan’ when I review stuff on the other Dis site but that’s not the name my Mum gave me.

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hmm, thanks. I’ve changed my name to ‘myyada’

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Really? My settings look right:


Cropped to show that it partly says never show, but doesn’t reveal the address

I can send PMs again so have just messaged you

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Nothing changed that I know of.

argggh it now appears to be showing my email! How do I get rid of that!

I think it’s just you that can see that, I don’t think there’s a setting to make email visible

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Don’t worry it says ‘never shown to public’ so I assume that’s just me that can see that!


thank you! I’m an idiot and I panicked!

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Not sure what @discourse has changed but this hasn’t been done by us.