I just heard someone play Despacito on an accordion. Somehow found it less insufferable than the normal one (probably just the lack of vocals tbh).

Feel free to share anecdotes of times you’ve heard popular music performed in untraditional ways. Or don’t. Whatever.


Headline won’t include my ironic THREE exclamation marks, wtf



Used to be a busker at Chancery Lane who played Scarborough Fair on a harp. Would have been impressive but it genuinely seemed like it was the only song he knew.


I kinda like Despacito :woman_shrugging:


remember when there were pricks playing stuff on ukuleles every fucking where?


Girl on the platform smiled?


was that ukulele?

I’m thinking more “here’s a bunch of pricks barely able to hide their mirth while playing Smells like Teen Spirit on ukes”


had to steel myself before clicking that, jesus


fuckin hell that songs on 5 billion youtube views!


The panpipe cover of Sexual Healing is powerfully priapic


I saw Easyworld in about 2003, and in the middle of You And Me they segued into a quick pop punk cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya.

Pop punk/ska punk covers of popular chart music. That’s something that doesn’t really happen anymore.


Not sure what the modern equivalent is now that “dubstep remix” has been and gone.


This is good and it reminds me of c_c_b, double prizes.


Neither of these were anything less than awesome songs to begin with.


No way in hell am I clicking that


I regret this thread.


oh that’s just awful.


I have a lot of time for these covers of crystal castles songs.


Also I heard someone covering Mr Brightside in a similar fashion to this at Tottenham Court Road and I almost thought it made the original vaguely bearable again.