impressions you can do, or think you can do, or maybe you can't, who knows (us?): the impressions thread

I can do pretty good ones of various Noel Fielding characters from The Mighty Boosh. it’s a real shame nobody ever wants or needs to hear any such impressions in this day and age.

also I do an alright “fly, you fools” (Gramdalf)

if you like, you can Vocaroo your impressions and post them

also maybe a sub-thread about accents will happen

everybody likes doing other people’s voices, and this is the thread for that activity, if there ever was one

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I can do a good impression of Tom Hardy’s terrible Bane impression

I do a good impression of a guy who can’t do impressions.


All of my actual skills are cat-related, so, yes, I do a very good imitation of a kitten. Especially if I’ve had sugar.

More seriously, I’m not good at impressions and I’m always impressed by people who are!

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Given the lack of replies I guess DiS isn’t very good at this…

at least…

That’s the impression that I get!


Alan Rickman saying Harry Potter**
Loyd Grosman***

*, **, *** can actually not do any of these and they all sound identical, but I persist


An elephant


I can do a good chimp

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I can do a good Burnley accent (Car Park, Carpet Shop, Market etc) and my scouse isn’t terrible. Everything else sounds awful.

Do a quite good sheep according to Mrs Roughyed and the lad laughs at it but, they are probably just humouring me.

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Can sometimes do a good Matt Berry, but wildly inconsistent.

One of the ones that bothers me most, is that I can’t even do a funny Dutch accent.

Living in The Netherlands, this would increase my enjoyment tenfold if I could do one.

However the one that most English language people seem to do (see Steve McLaren) sounds nothing like it, and just sounds more like Sean Connery speaking broken English.

Very frustrating.

Someone who has had to knock on wood

By turning your trouser pockets inside out?

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Please don’t.

Thanks, the Dutch.

I can do an impression of Matt Lucas doing an impression of Jamie Oliver

In my head i also do the best Eddie Vedder but in realitt i think it might be way off

I can do a decent impression of Gary Barlow speaking, and also of Robbie Williams singing. The first one only really works if I’ve got a recent trigger for the voice though, I can’t Gary on command. I don’t think I’ve got any others really.

Michael Burke presenting 999 in French

I have quite a repertoire of ones that I regularly or once insisted on doing regularly

Disclaimer they’re all shit

Werner Herzog

David Lynch

Owen Wilson

James Acaster

Henry VIII

There’s probably other ones thst are even more annoying


That Acaster is spot on