Impressive Displays of Athletic Ability

Playing at the Old Blue Last etc

But seriously I was watching this

and kind of thinking how enjoyable it is to watch activities or sports performed at the highest level, anyone got any clips/videos on a similar theme that they’ve enjoyed recently.

Doesn’t have to be grappling natch :grin:

Threw an apple core in the bin from across the room yesterday.


this is pretty sweet


That time I carried my whole big shop from the car to the kitchen - 8 bags. Had to switch them all to the right hand to unlock the front door.

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Those Brock Lesnar training vids

Love the coach on the sideline celebrating. That’s one of those goals that makes me feel pure joy.

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TBH any wrestlers training vids make me feel woefully out of shape.

All of this, but the move he pulls at around 1m07s is :astonished:

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I remember that.

can’t listen to that ffs

I was going to post a video of Gauthier Boccard’s goal in the Olympic hockey final, but I can’t find it anywhere online (good work, IOC), so here’s this instead:

(from 2m37s)

That’s ridiculous

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