Impressive friends

We’ve all got at least one mate who you are proud to tell everyone you are friends with. Who are they, and what have they done that is so impressive? I have 2.

First up, Mad Dog. Looked like this 6 years ago…

Now does this regularly…

Second up. Jamie. Painted this

Tell me about your impressive friends

good that your mate has gotten fitter and healthier but I’m not sure about the way you’ve framed this.

Cool painting though :slight_smile:

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Sorry, it wasnt meant in that way. I mean i,m bigger now than he ever was. It was more that he is not only running marathons, but running them in ridiculous times and regularly.

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it’s all good, I’m pleased for him! I’d love to be fit, can’t get my head around how some people go to a gym and put themselves through pain every day and then have big muscles and stuff, mindblowing!

He has a running machine in his kitchen. Madness…

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Really like that painting, fair play.


Oddly specific target time

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Friend won Total Wipeout amongst other things


I think at that level every minute is a massive deal

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This is the sort of thing im looking for

One of my friends works with young offenders 9-5 and then is an on call firefighter in the evenings and at weekends. 2 massively stressful and demanding jobs and he does them both with a newborn too.

What a man.


Here’s his website. He’s ace

But how is he on inflatable water obstacles? :woman_shrugging:


Ha proper impressive!

A friend of mine who I haven’t seen since I left Bath wrote and sang on some records that a lot of you, and me, enjoy.

Marky Mark Kozelek and his funky bunch of red house painters?


Nah, it’s actually Billy Corgan, we go kayaking every third Wednesday.


I think I’m the impressive friend. No really.

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One of my best friends was scoffed at by at least one teacher during sixth form for applying to do a science related degree, as her science A levels didn’t go so well (her mum had cancer in late year 12/during year 13 so understandably she was not as focused as possible)

She worked super hard at uni and got a first, paid for her Masters degree by working in a shoe shop during it (one of our ‘friends’ with a fancy job in London spent ages sneering at her for this… guess which ‘friend’ is not invited to the wedding and is now trying to crawl back in!!), and she’s just about to complete her PhD having won various research awards during it despite having been bullied by the other PhD student in her department which has been brushed under the carpet. She’s the hardest working person I know and a superstar in her field, I’m so proud of her!! :heart:

(Also a true ride or die friend, and the most grounded one I have. I love her so much and it sucks that she lives on another island to me :sob: )


What use is a newborn in a fire fighting situation? Ridiculous hiring policy.