No I haven’t! Downloading it now.




It’s good stuff. Start with the Travel Bug with August Lindt episode.


The only time I’ve seen live improv was in New York

It was late, on the day I had flown in, and there was nowhere to sit - only time I’ve literally fallen asleep on my feet

Was too tired to have an opinion on whether it was any good or not


That spelling of sought is making me feel queasy, making me doubt that it is even a word, making me doubt existence…


Sought it out, you ort to know better.


What happened to these boards? I genuinely thought an enthusiastic post about Improv would result in more vitriol than My Vitriol get.

Also, I’m surprised NO-ONE has ever tried it before. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the medium, pratting around like a child in nursery is so much fun and something no-one should “grow out of”.


Like I said above, I’ve played improv music for years. It could be seen as a seriously wanky thing, just like comedy improv, but I love it and I’m sure people who love comedy improv feel similarily about their medium.

Maybe nü-DiS is more considerate? Is that possible?


When the comedians on Mock The Week do that thing where they take a step off the platform but then step back onto it because another comedian has got to the microphone first even though it’s just the production team telling them to do it sometimes so it looks like it’s all spontaneous and they’re all thinking of their funny jokes off the top of their head and they’re too excited to hold it in


Do you think there are people out there that genuinely think they’re coming up with it on the spot?

Some of them put a fair bit of effort to act as though it’s all spontaneous.


is that the guy from Review?


how do you get to carnegie hall? improv!


tbf while they’ve obviously made up the jokes beforehand i doubt they’ve completely choreographed what order to go and tell them in