Improving polls

ie not set to anonymous by default

@1000001 clocked this


I think keeping them anonymous by default is better than vice versa. Sure more often than not people want to remove anonymity when making pools but every once in a while a sensitive poll comes up and if the person forgets to change it to anonymous it could end up exposing someone unintentionally

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I would be in favour of changing the default to public.


Anonymous polls are quite rare and if you want it to be anonymous you’ll be more conscientious about it and make sure it is. Vast majority of polls are intended to be public so shouldn’t require the extra step

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Public poll always used to be the default and it never caused an issue. Much better imo.


Just noticed polls look a bit different now as well (nicer).

  • Oh yeah
  • They don’t
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TBH the important thing in that setting was enabling the Advanced settings by default so that the public checkbox is just there and obvious.

Would say public by default is good too.