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I think this is really reassuring to hear, so thanks. I’ve tried to follow some of the discussion on the social board, but there are several threads about it, some if them are already huge (I dipped into the not all men thread the other day and can see there are already 1,000 new posts since!), some of the posts themselves are very long, several are made by or mention anonymised users and reference several other long threads for context or previous beeves. I think I understand some of the broad themes though and have had a lot of thoughts swimming round in my head all week - but not had time or headspace to get them down and try to put them into any kind of order.

I was a bit worried from what I’d read that there was some element of “this place has outgrown its original purpose as a music discussion forum” sentiment on a social board thread mostly contributed to by users who would likely identify primarily as social board posters. It wouldn’t be fair to see any kind of fundamental repurposing of DiS without the engagement of those who weren’t necessarily part of that conversation. We all have our own relationship with this place/things we want to get out of posting here and I don’t think that coming here mainly to keep up with new releases or discuss a particular niche genre of music you’re passionate about makes you any less of a valid member of the forum than someone who wants to get stuck more into serious discussions about improving society. Nobody should feel they have to justify their place on DiS.

The discussion above about perceived differences between the music and social boards is an interesting one. I’d say a lot of it feels to me like harmless banter, but noticing stuff occasionally about it being the place for the ‘worst’ posters, ‘music board passes’ and MBFTSB do contribute to a slight sense of ‘othering’ (is this an appropriate term to use in this context? Apologies if not). Its not a big problem, but I generally think twice about whether to post on the SB as a bit of an outsider, stick to a few familiar threads and often feel a little anxious after I do post there (I’m sure there are plenty of irks that work the other way too). It always makes me think in a lighthearted way that no matter how progressive a group likes to think itself, an us and them will still develop in some form!

These are all really minor issues though - I’m only really posting them to try and get them out of my head and not in any way trying to draw equivalence between this and more serious sources of upset that others have raised. I can’t expect (and dont necessarily need) to feel as much acceptance from DiS/other DiSsers as those who make hundreds of posts a week and regularly share more intimate details of their lives…and that’s ok.

Just as I think it’s probably ok for some of the more niche threads to be populated by enthusiasts and be to some extent impenetrable to casual users. I’ve got two degrees in politics and can’t make any sense of the Labour Party thread because I dont know a lot of the personalities or details of party machinery that are being discussed. I dont really follow it, but I’m happy for there to be a dedicated space for those who do to discuss in whatever depth they like. For me, the issue in these threads is when people come in who are not necessarily regulars and get railroaded or ‘corrected’ by users who are more forthright in their opinions. I agree with @funkycow mind that there may not be much really you can do about this with unwieldy socio-political discussions, and so maybe one to accept as human nature. There are a lot of personality types and different personal situations on here, which I try and take onto account when I’m on the receiving end of a surly reply/get ignored, and the general problem with discussing politics anywhere is that everyone thinks their own take is the right/common sense one.

Hmm, slightly longer than expected. Not sure if this adds much to the debate or not…or would be better posted on the main SB thread…or just deleted?


Spot on @woweezowee (as with all of your post).

I don’t think anybody should really expect to enter into robust debate without being aware that they may read a reply they don’t like. Clearly a line has to be drawn at purposely causing outright offence / baiting users, but the more nuanced side of arguments need to be taken for what they are. If a topic is likely to be a point of sensitivity, stay out of that topic. The world doesn’t change by imposing a view on an internet message board.

For what it’s worth, when things do kick off, the process of debate (as contributors question their own comments) is really helpful in getting to grips with all sorts of issues that I wouldn’t generally come across in day-to-day life.

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Have barely set foot on the social board since the great transition. What I used to like about the old social board was the occasional thread that delved into cultural theory, political philosophy and the like, so maybe a board dedicated to that?

Hahahaha. Just kidding. As if anyone would want that!


I would probably be up for a TV/Film board, as I don’t really have anywhere to chat happily about that sort of stuff with a wider community. The Social board is pretty intimidating to get involved with on a number of levels, so i’ve largely steered clear of it up till now.


Fancy being known for being intimidating. Bloody s*cial board (safety wink).

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I think I’m probably one of the people who gave that impression, and you’re totally right to question it.

I’m a social board lifer and rarely come to the music board. When I first started on DiS more than ten years ago it was the other way round. Like lots of people I found DiS through music, reading the reviews and articles, but over the years music has become a smaller part of my life, while my attachment to this community has remained.

My thought of splitting off the social community entirely was thinking out loud really - the problems that have come to a head in recent weeks seem to be a social board issue in the main, and I wondered if there was a structural way to address that. There’s also been a lot of chat about attracting new users, and without the link to a DiS editorial site, I don’t know how that happens anymore.

I definitely overlooked the passion of people who use the music board and the sense of belonging they have here and definitely didn’t mean to imply it shouldn’t exist or anything. I think the idea of building out a wider range of boards would help address the issues of the social board and still allow the music board to remain what it is. I’m glad Colin posted this here so that music board users can contribute equally to this chat, I’ve definitely got too far into the weeds of social board life and it’s good to see a different side of things.


Don’t know whether it’s appropriate in this thread, but a quick poll might help. It’s anonymous.

  • The Music Board is an overwhelmingly positive aspect of my life that I would feel very sad to lose.
  • I come here from time to time, but in honesty, I could leave it.
  • There’s a Music Board?

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If I didn’t have the music boards, I could count the number of people I can really talk about music with on one finger. And it would be me.


Fwiw, the thread was originally just intended as a signpost to say - hey, there’s stuff going on over there, please come over and give your thoughts. I’m happy it’s being used for discussion though and I think anything cool so long as there’s a second’s thought gone into it. :+1:

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Noted, thanks, I’ll stop posting in here!

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Hey HYG, thanks for your response. There’s a lot of validity in what you say and thinking out loud is helpful because it’s all part of moving the debate along. I certainly didn’t feel slighted by anything posted, and tbh I couldn’t remember who or what was posted exactly so it wasn’t intended as a sideways dig at you, or anyone else.

The one nagging thought I’d had yesterday was about having posted in the Music Board thread rather than the main one - and in doing so whether I was firstly perpetuating this perceived music/social board divide by making it a parallel discussion, and linked to that whether it would appear that I was to some degree talking about, rather than with the SB from the safety of a lesser viewed thread.

At the time I was just replying to something raised in @colinzealuk’s post and hadn’t thought of it in those terms, but both things occurred to me after. I thought maybe I should re-post on the SB thread, but then didn’t get round to it. I’ll do that now.

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Hi all!

Forgot to follow up on this thread after @colinzealuk started it, but just wanted to drop by to say that we are NOT splitting up/changing the music board. It is an intrinsic part of DiS’ identity.

I do hope some of you will check out the other sub-forums as well once they roll out, though!



Glad to see this because I definitely felt from the other discussions that the one thing that wasn’t changing was the Music board! :smiley:

Looking forward to the new boards TBH and being able to split out some of the TV/Film discussion a bit more without swamping social.

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The joke started because it was a thing, from what I recall. It wasn’t an intentional thing. The social board began as a ‘rumours’ board for the less concrete stuff to go on but changed its name I think around 2003 or 2004?

I think it’s just genuinely always been that some people felt happier posting random stuff in social and others just wanted the purity of music so those of us who frequented both would note those users we would only see in one board or another.

Also the Social board got some users who were social mates of established ones who weren’t that into music.

This really isn’t unique, btw. I joined a few DVD forums when I bought my first player around 2000 and they similarly had a general discussion type of forum on those that gradually became the most popular part of them over the next few years. I seem to recall Trash’s bulletin board became a forum mostly just for the club goers to chat on too.

All of this was before FB and Twitter were really things though.

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Often we just need to try things and people then try it and we can roll back if people don’t like it or it dilutes the conversation too much. I’ll give it some thought. I think for a lot of people the boards are too fast moving and overwhelming. I can’t even keep up with the threads that interest me :grimacing: