Impulse record buying

Used to do this all the time. Used to think nothing of dropping £100 in resident in one go.

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Never, I research everything, check Discogs to find out which pressing is best, check different retailers to find the best price, then think about it a bit more before pulling the trigger and buying that bastard.

Don’t really do impulse these days. Only buy stuff that I’ve either listened to in full or liked the pre-release singles. In this day and age of Spotify, Bandcamp, You Tube et al it is far easier to do this than in the pre-Internet age. Often pre-order stuff once I know I want to buy it which incidentally I did with the Goat Girl and Hinds LP last week from Resident too.

It’s far easier to check if you like something before buying it now, I agree, so it makes much more sense to do that. But I still like giving something a chance on a whim.

(I appreciate I can only do this because I am an idiot with too much disposable income, back in the day when I had no money and records were more expensive I’d never have dreamed of buying something I’d never heard)

Frequently get bullied into buying daft drone records I’ve never heard of by the friendly guy at my local record shop. They have a couple of decks for listening on before you buy though so it’s not quite the same.



when I was DJing regularly I would quite often take a punt on a 12" that was on a label I liked without hearing it. Would bring mixed results. Come home with some right shit over the years but also some gems that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Mostly from shops that didn’t have turntables so you couldn’t try before you buy…

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Funnily enough I impulse ordered the Goat Girl album from Norman Records in the middle of a lecture yesterday. Only £15 and there was only one copy left

Happens a lot in second hand record shops rather than new. It is sat there in my hand, good nick, good price - fuck it, just go for it. I am unlikely to seek it out on LP otherwise is my thinking. I picked up a Wipers album and Heaven’s End by Loop recently on a whim.

This really. Haven’t bought many LPs without a rough idea (though don’t mind a charity a shop/bargain bin dig about).
But when I used to mix Happy Hardcore and Jungle (blushes), I’ve found some glorious tracks (and some real stinkers). Best find was just a white label with 4 question marks on it, was too tempting to not grab. Got home to spin it, and it was a very specific remix of Orca - 4am, a track that was essentially my introduction to the genre and the reason I was even mixing in the first place. I was overjoyed.

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I normally research everything before I buy it, as that’s usually pretty easy to do. Last year there was a rare exception when I went into a record store hoping to find Illinois by Sufjan Stevens. They didn’t have it, but the guy drew my attention to the Planetarium album by Sufjan and friends. Not having heard anything from it, I said I would pass on it. As I continued browsing the store, my thoughts returned to the fact that to date I had not heard anything by Sufjan that i disliked. I thought “Bugger it”, and took a punt on the album.

Was it worth the punt?

Used to do this loads with CDs and still do it now and again if it has been hyped or spoken about intriguingly on here or if the price is right - 7digital usually has at least a few releases that are a £5 every week - usually take a punt on at least one of them per week.

I don’t dislike it, but I would probably place several of Sufjan’s solo albums at a higher priority.

I seem to spend most of my spare cash there. “Used to” though? What happened?

I don’t have anywhere near as much disposable cash to spend £100 in one go (maybe £40 every 6 months). And I used to live about an hour train ride away, and now live a lot further away.

Decent record shop in Winchester, Elephant, so spend my money there.

Yes I do this both in stores and online pre-orders. Maybe not completely blind but on the basis of a recommendation or on one song. Then a few months later the pre-order shows up and I think why the hell did I order this?

Fair enough. I think there’s a definite element of “I like this shop and want it to do well” to my impulse buying as well.


Oh aye yeah. Get a lot of my weekly record listening from their mail out and really enjoy browsing whenever I’m down there