Impulse record buying

Oh aye yeah. Get a lot of my weekly record listening from their mail out and really enjoy browsing whenever I’m down there

On Sunday there I was in this bar in Edinburgh that also had a small record shop in the corner. There was an oldies section with some old disco type stuff, but other than that I recognised nothing. Started picking out a couple of records with cool covers and giving them a spin at a listening station. This one stood out so I bought it.

Usually know what I’m going in for and just pick it up, flick through the racks to see if there’s anything else I fancy (tell myself I’ll get it next time but usually fold and get it there and then).

There’s been the very odd occasion I’ve asked what’s playing in the shop and picked it up.

I bought “If you’re feeling sinister” without hearing a note of any B&S around the time it came out.

I’ll quite often buy a band’s second album on the strength of their first without hearing any of it.

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I’ve done this a fair bit. Inevitably turns out to be an album with only one decent track!

Paradise Palms on Bristo Square, by any chance?

I’m going to buy this tomorrow, on the strength of the blurb here and one review I looked up. I need something new and unexpected, and this sounds like it could be up my street:

Yeah, the very one. Nice place but they had their heating whacked up to an uncomfortable level so only stayed for one.