In 1997 Robbie Williams released "Let Me Entertain You"

and entertain us he did!


In 1998, the Manics released ‘If You Tolerate This You Children Will Be Next’…

and as a result of our tolerance of this, next they were!


I actually like this post Jordan

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I like you!

Always felt like he was tellin’ rather than askin’

I bloody love Robbie


Fucking hell I remember buying it

We totally bloody let him, didn’t we?


A few years previous he released his pop-rock masterpiece Life Thru The Bends, if I remember correctly.

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I downloaded the lyrics on the internet and printed them out, showed them to my mum as a demonstration of the internet’s power


quite like “she’s the one”. i didn’t believe him when he said when you get to where you wanna go and know the things you wanna know you’ll be so high you’ll be flying. egg on this sports fan’s face!

There are more Robbie threads than Smashing Pumpkins threads on here these days

When Bruce Springsteen posited the idea that we were born to run, it opened up a new field of research in human biomechanics.

This hypothesis has since been proven correct, as it has been shown that certain facets of skeletal structure in Homo Sapiens have helped the species develop a capacity for endurance running that is unparalleled in the animal kingdom.


Really enjoying your work at the moment Jordo

Its a cover song that

:open_mouth: actually never knew this


Wow, the original is even more mawkish!

Shame Jools didnt stick about to get some boogie woogie over it

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even better, you mean