In 32 years of being alive I can honestly say

I’ve never been more sure of what a phlebotomist does than I am now.

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phlower phlebotom


Phlebottomly Potts, covered in spots


You’ve achieved more than me then. I’m 33 and I don’t know what a phlebotomist is.

I am also 33, almost 34, and I was not sure what a phlebotomist was.

Fucked it

Without any sarcasm, I know quite a few phlebotomists.

care to rank them?

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They do whatever the heck they like. And heaven help you if you get in their way! But if you earn their respect, they’ll have your back for life.

No. But they’re generally nice people and under appreciated and under paid.

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Phle Bottom LOL

A phlebotomist once introduced herself to me by saying “…and if you don’t know what that is, it means I’m a vampire mwah haha haha”


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Have had it before where the elastic thing they put on your arm had a vampire pattern on it, that was fun.

Though that was also the time I fainted afterwards and smashed my knees on the floor, I was very lucky my mum caught me before my head suffered a similarly painful fate. That was less fun.

happy birthday

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Awww I feel short changed now!

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Frontier Phlebotomist

Do they work regular hours, or also on vampire weekends?

I think I had one of these when I had a test for Wolff Parkinson White

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Do you know any with sarcasm?